Yasmin James' success story: The expert who conquered it all

You don't have to be a mega star or have millions of followers to have a loyal community. Proof of this is Make-Up artist Yasmin James, who managed to fill up her Actio classes in no time by doing the simplest and most obvious thing.

How it started

Yasmin joined Actio in January and has hosted two Masterclasses since. Both were great successes, despite having no community on Actio when she first started. But still, she achieved top results. How? Let's have a closer look: 

Data & results

Masterclass # 1: 

  • 90 min class
  • 116 paid bookings
  • 6,99 € per seat
  • 105 connected users resulting in participation rate of 91 % 
  • gross earning 811,00 €

Masterclass # 2: 

  • 90 min class
  • 128 paid bookings
  • 6,99 € per seat
  • 116 connected users resulting in participation rate of 91 % 
  • gross earning 895,00 €

How did she do it?

There are two things that Yasmin did perfectly right.

Price structure

With 6,99 € per seat, Yasmin set up a price that might at first seem very low for a 90 min. expert class. But the end it added up to more than 1.700 € in gross income.

She knew that setting a lower price that is more approachable and also attractive for people with little budget to join, would most likely result in a higher participation rate. And she was absolutely right about that.

Social Sharing

Yasmin knows her community and how loyal they are to her and her content. So getting her Instagram community to join her classes on Actio was the obvious way to go.

By simply sharing the link to her classes in her Instagram stories she managed to convert her following into paying customers on Actio.

And the volume of her promotion on Instagram was not even that large. What did the trick for her was to embed the promotional content into her usual content very naturally and subtly. No complex production, simply her in front of the camera talking about her class on Actio and a link to her session.

She posted the first Instagram story two weeks prior to her session and the second story two days prior. Done!

Tip: The link to your profile or session can be copied from inside the app. It is set up in a way that new-to-Actio users will get directly to your content, even if they have to take an in-between step of installing and registering.

Yasmin James, @makeupby_yj


As you can tell from Yasmin's case, you don't need a lot of fame, a big marketing budget or anything crazy to sell classes on Actio. What helped Yasmin reach a gross income of +1.700 € with only two group sessions, was a smart price structure and the fact, that she relied on her popularity amongst her loyal followers on Instagram.

To base this on a known marketing theory: Acquiring a new customer is 5x higher than retaining an existing one. And knowing this is exactly what helped Yasmin succeed on Actio. She had already put work into building a community on Instagram. Why not make use of this? Why starting community building all over? 

So all she had to do was to motivate her existing followers to come to Actio. Et voíla: full classes and happy clients.