Remote work –Check. Remote help – Check

About Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, more specific Toto Wolff, Bristol, mental health and some positive news in crazy times. Enough clickbait? Good :) Have a great day!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across an instagram post of the Mercedes Formula 1 team. In this post the head of the Mercedes Team, Toto Wolff, is sharing his personal story with mental struggles and getting them under control by having psychiatrist therapy since 2004.

How cool is this? Not that he has mental struggles but that he openly talks about it. In an environment that’s not known for being progressive – beside the engineering maybe.
Getting support for yourself is finally as accepted as to ask for help to build your home!! Great progress! And especially during these crazy times we’re living in, a gleam of hope!

But of course there’s a but…

Unfortunately not all of us are Toto Wolff, can call the psychiatrist of choice and make an appointment the next day. The reality is different. The demand is high, the supply isn’t.

Our vision is to make support, help and expertise accessible to everyone. The upcoming version of Actio will contain the option of booking 1 : 1 private livecasts. A real time experience almost like in person. Like a private appointment with a coach.

No matter where you are, you should get the help you need!

So to all the psychiatrists, life coaches and therapists out there – set up your Actio profile including your individual rates and time schedule and change your location from e.g. Bristol into GLOBAL :)

Have a great day and see you in a livecast!