Nothing beats human interaction

Who doesn't know this: The challenge to keeping up motivation over a longer perios of time. Our CMO Alexander Stauss knows There is at least one crucial factor, that will keep you motivate

I just finished my 5th marathon. The first in 5 years. It was painful but it was worth it! Because it’s an incredible feeling to cross the finish line! That you actually did it! Because keeping up the motivation is soooo difficult!

Most of the time it goes like this:

  1. You buy a f%&*ing expensive spinning bike
  2. You’re motivated like hell
  3. You’d sign up for the Tour de France, if you could

Two month later you’re the proud owner of a 60 kg dust monster. Same with meditation, same with other new habits. Keeping up the motivation and sticking to goals isn’t easy. It’s not your fault. It’s human.

But you know what’s human as well? The need of other humans.

If you want to row faster, row next to someone!

Having a community that supports you is key. We need good vibes, personal interaction and a friendly kick in the a** to keep on doing!

For some things you might find supporters in your circle of friends. Most probably rather people to join you in the gym than for self-love sessions or anger relief therapy.

At Actio we want to make support and expertise accessible to everyone.

But it gets even better! Because we know that humans are lazy animals, we’ve added not only one feature but a full keep-up-the-motivation-safety-system:

  1. The call – Actio calls you before the session starts
  2. The community – Teamwork makes the dream work
  3. An easy access – Schedule livecasts for the week ahead
  4. The report – Monthly round up of your stats and progress  
  5. The private livecast experience – Intimate real time interaction with every expert

Those features keep you on track. And your excitement level up!

A bike can’t call you. Your Actio expert will.

See you soon in a livecast!