Why being an early adopter on Actio will pay off

You don't have to be a mega star or have millions of followers to have a loyal community. Proof of this is Make-Up artist Yasmin James, who managed to fill up her Actio classes in no time by doing the simplest and most obvious thing.

Finding your way around the jungle of the creator economy and finding the right toolkit for you and your business is not that easy. 

And then there is another tool and another one and another one....

How do you know what is good? How do you know what works? 

Yes, it's true: those who adapt innovation early expose themselves to a certain risk - it’s frustrating to put time and effort into something without it leading to anything useful. 

But there are perfectly good reasons to take that risk - at least I can say that with certainty for Actio. 

Here are three reasons why it might be worthwhile to join Actio as an early adopter:

1. You can occupy a niche

Now you have a good chance to cover a certain area of interest with your content that does not yet exist on Actio. This way you stand out and can excite already existing users in the app for your content. With the help of hashtags you can label your courses and easily be found in the app.

2. You have more visibility

If you jump on the wave early, your visibility in the Actio universe is higher. This way you can grow your audience as the app and its community grows.

3. You can have an impact on the product
The collaboration between the Actio team and our creators is very close at the moment. Of course, we are building the product for you as you are at the center of all our efforts. You can give feedback and thus actively influence the app and its features and watch Actio grow.

And by the way, there is no risk for you as a creator to simply try out Actio. All you have to do is 

  1. Get in touch with our partner management team
  2. Set up your profile and
  3. Get started with creating and publishing your content in live-classes. 

And even better: you will get paid for your content from our creator fund, while you don't have to invest anything yourself except a little of your time and curiosity. 

Fear not. Hop on the ride. Be an early adopter!